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Specialists in Precision Tooling and Made-to-Print Parts

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Conestoga Tool has a long history in providing specialty made-to-print tooling ranging from special form inserts and cutting tools for metal-cutting applications; super-abrasive tooling for high-end grinding applications; steel, carbide and ceramic tooling for metal-forming and metal-working applications; replacement mold & die tooling; and support tooling such as special in-process gages, fixtures, and work-holding components.

If you need special, made-to-print tooling and the material call-out includes hardened tool steel, carbide, ceramic or zirconia, chances are we can assist you with your tooling requirement.

Examples of Precision Tooling

Fiber Optic

Carbide/Ceramic Bushings

Battery Tooling

Flat Tooling

Tool and Die Components

Round Tooling


Hard Turning

Electrical Discharge

Forming Punch

Mold Tooling


Metal-Forming Tooling

Special Cutters

Digital Indicator Gage

Machine Base Slide Assembly

Special Cutters – solid, tipped, indexable

Special Carbide Cutting Inserts

Looking to source precision tooling or a close-tolerance part?

We specialize in precision parts, and machine tooling services and look forward to talking about what we can do for your project.